Things we've sold

Oct 14
  •   Sep 30 @ 7:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Oct 14 @ 7:00PM EDT (End)
Mid Century collection has been moved out of storage into mid town industrial warehouse near Maggie Walker Governor's School
Oct 4
  •   Sep 23 @ 5:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Oct 4 @ 10:00AM EDT (End)
Our client is moving to Hawaii and selling it all from his home on Falling Creek Reservoir.
Sep 27
  •   Sep 17 @ 11:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Sep 27 @ 10:00AM EDT (End)
Mechanicsville Sprawling Estate
Aug 28
  •   Aug 13 @ 12:00AM EDT (Start)
  •   Aug 28 @ 10:00AM EDT (End)
Colonial Williamsburg comes to Colonial Heights. 
Jul 25
  •   Jul 11 @ 5:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Jul 25 @ 7:00PM EDT (End)
Our late July auction features many collections, consignments and estates moved offsite to the Lewis Ginter Library located in Ginter Park. Featuring items from Rutland, country estate of the Timberlake family. Rutland has now been developed and is in north Hanover County near Atlee. The original house still stands and is now the pool house for the Rutland development. 
Jul 3
  •   Jun 19 @ 7:00PM EDT (Start)
  •   Jul 3 @ 10:00AM EDT (End)
Whopping estate of auto repair shop owner, Richard Jones